I know I've asked this before, but what is the ip?
Can not wait, been years since ive played this.
Can't wait!
Have a little faith come december 2017 :) see you soon friends,
Smokey WE need you Back!
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Server Re-launch

Wavey Co-Owner posted Sep 4, 16

Hello Fellow Tek-Heads,

It has been a long time since the server started it's temporary hiatus. Mainly due to tight schedules of the majority of the Staffing team regarding work and school. I am happy to announce that we will be once again starting up the server!!

I can already hear many thoughts of "What about our stuff" or "Is the map going to be new or old" and "What is the exact date". For starters there is a poll in the forums which was created by Smokey regarding the options of starting fresh or staying the same. I for once would prefer a fresh start so everyone can enjoy a new map without having end game materials etc. The map will be a new once either way so that everyone once again has a fair chance at everything. As for the exact date I am not quite sure myself. We are just awaiting for our IP to change back to the old address and I say once that happens we will open the server to everyone!

Plugins have been looked at and everything seems good so far. Always room for improvements though. Which bring me to the forums. If you have any suggestions for any improvements no matter how big or small please drop a post in the relevant section in the forums. Main changes or important updates will usually be found in this space here on the front page.

I hope I have covered the main bits, any questions you know where to find me. Drop me a message or comment on this post.



[Member] Little_dewey_JR Sounds good buddy
[Owner] Smokey Buds Owner once official opening occurs yes we will be.
[Member] Rainbow_Flyer Will You Be Looking For New Helpers/ Mod/ Staff For The Reboot Of The Server?
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